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Who are we?

Rain Education for a
Global Generation

Rain Education is an Educational Consultancy situated at Putalisadak – Kathmandu, which is regarded as the hub for students trying to get admissions in foreign colleges and universities. Since 2013, our organization has been assisting the prospective undergraduates, graduates and other professionals in terms of getting admission in foreign colleges and universities that match their needs. To this date, we have sent hundreds of deserving students to Japan, Denmark, India and Cyprus.

We provide comprehensive information to assist students in identifying their preferred courses and to set their academic goals. Based on the student’s academic goals, we develop options for their educational path.

We act as the representatives for a number of foreign colleges and universities, while also evaluating admissions on their behalf. We also provide test preparation courses (TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, GRE and GMAT) which enable students to get better choices in their quest for better colleges and universities.

Better Solution at Rain Education

Rain Education offers comprehensive information and guidance to help students identify their preferred courses and academic goals, followed by customized options for their educational path based on their individual aspirations.

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Intrested in Studying Abroad?

Vision & Objectives


  • The trend of overseas education is viewed as an indispensable part of the overall globalization process.
  • It provides students with opportunities to:
  • Adapt to new and diverse environments.
    Enhance their observational abilities through cross-cultural interactions.
    Broaden and refine their knowledge base by keeping abreast of global technological advancements.


  • To offer boundless educational opportunities to Nepalese students in universities/colleges around the globe through complete abroad study programs.
  • To enable students to select the best universities/colleges according to their academic requirements and financial credentials by providing all the supportive information they require.
  • To make available quality and accurate information about colleges/universities and academic programs.
  • To provide Admission counseling, Documentation assistance, Visa guidance and related services.


  • To increase our participation level in extra activities such as sports, contests, exhibition and many other districts level and zonal programs within Nepal.
  • To spread out effectively by launching additional branches in other part of Nepal.
  • To introduce innovative ideas and services for universities/colleges and students.
  • To commerce our multinational operations with the launch of its first international branch in New Delhi, the Indian capital and subsequently in other metropolis of India.
  • To commence branches in major cities across Asia, Europe, Africa and United States.